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25 Years Monorecords – Zürich

It was Autumn 1996, Monorecords opening a recordstore for all Vinyl Junkies in and around Zürich.

Later on Mono grows to the Vinyl Mekka; customers from all around the Vinyl Globe was coming in to:

searching & digging for her „holy grails“ in BlackGold and normaly they found em‘.

Lot of the Dj-Stars in the music scene from: hiphop, funk, acid jazz was buying records or samples to

listen or producing.  

25 Years later Monorecords was in between at other places like: Viadukt (Bogen14) and the first Adress

of the „privat“ Kasheme 2017, since then Monorecords and Kasheme are not only musically friends.